Kouraba 2015 DVD

​The Kouraba live concert spectacle is a night of world music magic! The line-up includes world music royalty: Sekouba Bambino Diabaté, Kassé Mady Diabaté, ​ ​Djelimoussa Condé ​and more...

The theme for the 3rd Annual KOURABA Festival is, “Yelema dona ko la”. In the Malinké language of West Africa the phrase “Yelema dona ko la” means, “Things have changed”.

​ ​This year’s concert presentation ​featur​es​ key musical instruments in the Mandé spiritual pantheon such as: Ngoni (lute), Cora (harp), Fle (flute) and various percussion including the Balafon (xylophone), Djembe ​and ​Dundunba (drums). The arrangements accompanied by powerful singers of the Griot tradition, will draw their inspiration from the rich cultural and musical legacy of the Malinké people.

The Malinké are one of many ethnic groups belonging to the larger Mandé family of West Africa. The Mandé as a whole are a creative force whose myriad artistic contributions continue to inform world music today. The ever soaring popularity of their composers, choreographers, dancers, singers and drummers is a testament to the unifying and healing potential of the Arts.

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