He is recognized by his peers across Africa as the young genius of the balafon (Xylophone). Seydou is known for his technical prowess, his creativity and musicality!

Born in Burkina Faso, in a famous family of griots he began his training with his father from the age of 5 years.

Multi-instrumentalist, he plays the balafon Dioula Sambla and toussian (pentatonic), the diatonic balafon ( “djelibalan” or Guinean balafon) and the “kamelen ngoni” a pentatonic harp.

Seydou sings in the Dioula language and writes about family, love, society and the role of music.

After collaborating with artists such as: Harouna Dembélé, Badje Tounkara Diarra and Abou, Seydou gathered around him a team of musicians to create the raw, broken, mestizo sounds of his band, the Kanazoé Orkestra.