Sekouba Bambino

Sekouba “Bambino” Diabaté renowned for his vocal prowess is a singer born and raised in the village of Kintinya, Guinea, West Africa. He comes from a musical family, and is descended from a long line of Griots who are praise singers with an impressive command of their culture’s rich oral history. From age eight, Bambino Diabaté sang with local bands. In 1983 at the age of 19 he was asked to join Bembeya Jazz, Guinea’s best-known musical group at that time. He was given the nickname “Bambino” to distinguish him from one of the group’s guitarists also named Sekou Diabaté (a.k.a. Sekou “Bembeya” a.k.a. “Diamond Fingers”). With Bembeya Jazz, the young vocalist undertook his first tour of Africa in 1985 and toured Europe the following year.

Sekouba Bambino released his first solo recording in 1991, and throughout the 1990s continued to record solo material as well as sing with the African salsa group Africando. His 1994 album Syli nationale (“National Elephant”) was a tribute to the Guinea national football team. His music is best known throughout West Africa, particularly in Guinea, Mali, and other countries where the Bambara and Malinke languages are spoken; however, it’s steadily reaching wider audiences as it continues soaring in popularity globally.