Safi Diabate

Originally from Kita, one of the cities now recognized as the birthplace of great artists, Safi Diabate, sister of the great percussionist Sékou Diabaté and the late Diaman Mamou Diabaté was born into a griot family. Her musical journey began very early, following in the footsteps of her older sister, the late Diaman Mamou Diabaté. Safi is also married to the great kora player Madou Sidiki Diabate younger brother Toumani Diabaté.

Safi Diabaté is a rare talent and a true Malian musical sensation. She embodies a singular grace, unwavering social conscience and musical integrity reserved for a legend in the making. Her infectious charm, remarkable precision and exceptional tonality makes her performances fiercely entertaining. She attracts music lovers of both traditional and classical world music styles. Safi continues to perform at festivals in Mali and internationally.