Kouraba“Kouraba” means “sacred” or “enchanted” forest in the Malinké culture of Guinea, West Africa. It refers both to a sacred practice and a sacred place. Revelers visit the sacred forest in an annual celebration of music, dance and ritual in hopes that their supplications will soon be realized.

The practice of Kouraba originated in the village of Baro, Hamana Gberedu, also widely recognized for its significant contribution to Mandé culture hailed as one of Africa’s most extensive and sophisticated music cultures. The Mandé family consists of numerous ethnic groups one of which is the Malinké.

Sacred Tree

Sacred TreeRepresents the earth element associated with a sense of deep rooted spirituality, wisdom, growth, resilience, connectedness and calm.

The Family

The FamilyRepresents balance, wholeness and unity. The family unit is founded on the principles of unconditional love and trust to ensure fruitfulness for countless generations to come.

Blue Globe

Blue GlobeRepresents the air and water elements essential to sustaining all physical lifeforms.

Energy Rings

Energy RingsThese rings are rhythmic waves surrounded by halos of healing light energy transmitted by the Djembe when played by a person who is who is open, respectful and humble.

The Balafon

The BalafonThis traditional proto-xylophone is made from West African hardwood and is considered by some cultures to be at the heart of the Malinke origin story. It represents spirituality, joy, truth and an unwavering moral compass. These are tools essential to fulfilling one’s life purpose fully and exquisitely.

The Djembe

The DjembeThe Djembe is a drum that has been uniquely identified as having feminine qualities. It is above all a powerful instrument of communication and healing for those who answer her call.


The word, “Bantaba” is Gambian (Gambia, West Africa) in origin.Symposium A “Bantaba” usually takes place in the village square where everyone is invited to come together, share their thoughts, concerns and solutions on issues facing the community; Afterwards, those who wish to retire for the evening do so. The youth and the young at heart remain for the festivities which include drumming, dancing, story-telling and theatre under a canopy of stars.