Evelyn E Bailey Musician Image

Evelyn Eliana Bailey first generation Canadian born in June 1985, carries both west indian Jamaican and native Chilean ancestry. Evelyn has always been immersed in classical fine arts, at a very young age Evelyn picked up her alias ‘Eva’ among her closest communities. Eva recognized that in order to become a master at any craft, she must surround herself with the very best. This mentality, which was highly influenced by her father, earned her a Degree in Art in 2003 where she studied the art of Animation, offered at Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario.

In 2008 Eva planted her foot in the Animation industry in her graduating year landing an interview with international film studio Blue Skies and went on to earning a position as environmental artist at House of Cool in downtown Toronto. Through animation, Eva explored three-dimensional forms of art expression from the study of the human anatomy, the various archetypes in nature and science, and perspectives of nature and color. She eventually established her brand as ‘Eva Bailey Animations’ in 2013, and is currently in the traditional practice of painting with acrylic paint on canvas. Eva expresses a variety of techniques and themes to connect her viewers to the source of energy and describes it through paintings. This deep communication often leads to a place of connection, understanding and healing. “Art is no more just an expression, it is authentic communication”
As of July 2017, Eva now participates in high profile Art exhibits and displays art in local business in the region of Niagara Falls. She is currently under various mentorships, to create tangible blueprints in which art is the way of communication.

“Self expression leads to healing which offers enlightenment and joyous interactions with our source of self. Connecting to each other offers understanding, which helps with clarity and affects our daily choices. By seeing yourself through art, you can conduct yourself according to a new perspective ” . ~Eva