Aicha Diate Sylla

Aicha Diate Sylla is a singer from the city of kai (Mali) and is based in Montreal, Quebec. She is the daughter of Elhadj Mamadou and Hadja Daloba Diakité. Her debut in music dates back to 1992 when she became one of the dancers in the group Balai commune of Matam and that of Balai soleil d’Afrique. Aisha was selected as a member of theater of Africa style of Guinea and went on to be a dancer and chorister in the clips of Manfila Kante, Hadja Kade Diawara Nafie Diawara.

In the same year Aisha began working with Alpha YaYa Diallo, who chose her in Festona as a dancer and taking her on tour to Canada for a 6-month contract and after the end of their tour, Alpha YaYa renewed her contract for another year. Aicha Sylla has worked with the likes of Cheik Tidiane Seck and is part of a group of singers and dancers who accompany the international festival Nuit d’Afrique in Montreal, Festival Jazz, Festival Francophonie, life Festivale in Canada.