About Kouraba Toronto

HISTORY: In 2014, Kouraba Org. (Kouraba Toronto Centre for Cultural Advancement) was established as a non-profit organization with a strong mandate to engage and connect communities through music & dance workshops, symposiums, concert series and visual arts. The rich cultural and musical legacy of the Malinké people (West Africa) is part of the inspiration behind Kouraba Org.’s annual must-see event, “Kouraba World Music Festival”. Kouraba Org. endeavors to highlight cultural commonalities that exist amongst world indigenous peoples, celebrate shared experiences and encourage dialogue grounded in world music. The Kouraba team is committed to co-creating a thriving community of Master artists and audiences dedicated to world music appreciation and in particular the preservation of blue print traditional African rhythms for everyone to enjoy.

Our Mission

The key mission of Kouraba Org is to mix ancient and modern instruments, Master Musicians with elite dancers and poets with visual artistry, serving our audiences with holistic experiences that reach beyond the expectations of their imaginations. Kouraba Org believes in the ethical and equitable treatment for its employees, vendors, partners and sponsors by providing all with a safe and healthy environment to work and the opportunity to use their unique viewpoints to further our common goals and earn a fair income.

Our Vision

To be the enduring and compassionate voice that brings people of all demographics together through the unifying force of music.

Our Commitments

To support opportunities that unify diverse communities, particularly through musicianship and storytelling. To be available to people in our communities who are in search of learning opportunities and wish to gain access to our informational resources. To inspire our participants and partners to be better than the best they can be and share their creative talents openly and willingly and lastly, to remain committed to providing our partners and shareholders with a fair return on their investments and conduct our business in a transparent and ethical manner.

Our Mandate

Through music workshops, symposiums, concert series and the arts, Kouraba Toronto endeavors to showcase some of the cultural commonalities that exist amongst world indigenous peoples. Leading us to make new connections, share deeper insights about one another in practice and principle, further advancing our cultural kinship within and beyond the Canadian diaspora.