Everything starts in Burkina Faso, birthplace of Abdoulaye Traore. He first learned the guitar from his sister who is herself an accomplished guitarist. From that moment, Abdoulaye Traoré never left his guitar! For a period of practice with small local groups, Abdoulaye gradually draws his musical inspiration.

Abdoulaye became a pupil of Siaka and Barro and toured alongside Victor Deme, also a student at the time. It was in 2001 during a tour that Abdoulaye fell in love with Europe and felt ready to try his luck. In 2002, he created his own group he calls “Debademba” (“big family” in Bambara).

A Master guitarist, expert lyricist and arranger, Abdoulaye embodies musical sensitivity and power. His style is eclectic with touches of Afrobeat alongside the Yacouba and jikribiti rhythms of Ivory Coast, the beguine, mbalax, the wassoulou tradition, blues takanba, the Burkinabe dafi and highlife. There are also very surprising winks to flamenco, fado and current urban grooves.

The inspiration of Abdoulaye Traoré is still touring; however, his new project called “Mandemenco” the encounter between the music of the Mande and flamenco, was born in 2015.